Vote Vets organization hammers Coffman through social media for Obama apology

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If you follow Colorado politics on Twitter, then you're likely to know the hash-tag "."

And since audio from earlier this week about U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, saying that  "in his heart, he's not American"went viral, the liberal has hammered the two-term Republican congressman for his apology statement.

In the apology, Coffman said the president doesn't share his belief in "American exceptionalism," before then noting his military background, saying "as a Marine, I believe America is unique and based on a core set of principles that make it superior to other nations."

The group quickly formed an online petition, and launched the Twitter campaign: "Tell @RepMikeCoffman - Vets don't use their service as an excuse to smear the Commander-in-Chief." For the past 24 hours, the organization has gone into overdrive with its "Tell @RepMikeCoffman" message that's popping up every few minutes under the "#COpolitics" hash-tag.

A portion of the petition reads:

What undermines American exceptionalism is comments such as yours, Congressman Coffman. You have undermined our politics and our democracy - the very foundation of what makes American great. What is worse, you used your service in the Marine Corps as an excuse to make those attacks on the Commander-in-Chief. Such statements are a disgrace to those who have worn the uniform.

Coffman is up for re-election in the Aurora-based , where his challenger, Democrat , has worked tirelessly to turn the comment to his advantage of the Congressman's blunder.

"It's unfortunate we have elected officials making these kinds of untruthful statements," Miklosi told The Denver Post Thursday. "It shows his (Coffman's) true colors, as he thought he could undermine the office of the presidency."

Coffman has not responded to several follow-up requests for an interview.

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