Washington, DC -, on behalf of its 400,000 veterans, military families and civilian supporters, is today calling on Donald J Trump to reject the endorsement of retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin.  Boykin's name appeared on an endorsement letter released by the Trump campaign, this morning.

In the past, Lt. Gen. Boykin said that the freedom to practice Islam should not be protected by the First Amendment, and that the fight for gay rights is "evil" and must be defeated by "God's army."

In a statement, Shahriar Chowdhury, an Iraq War Veteran, and adviser to said:


"Lt. Gen. Boykin clearly does not pass the 'American Values Test' that Donald Trump would apply to all immigrants seeking to enter the United States. 

He does not believe in the Constitutional freedom of worship, and does not believe that our LGBT community should have equal protection.  Donald Trump said, specifically, that someone must believe in both of those things, if they want to become an American citizen.

Therefore, Donald Trump must reject the endorsement of Lt. General Boykin, who is a walking, talking hate group, or Trump's 'values test' simply has no teeth.  In fact, should he not reject Lt. Gen. Boykin's endorsement, it means that his 'values test' is just another scam he's trying to sell to the American people.  It is time for Donald Trump to stand up for what he says he believes, and firmly and swiftly reject Lt. Gen. Boykin's endorsement."

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