VoteVets Explains Gabbard Strategy In Magazine Case Study

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The veterans group that invested in Tulsi Gabbard's candidacy early on, helping her turn a 45-point deficit into a 20-point primary win, is taking a victory lap of sorts. chairman Jon Soltz authored a case study of the contest in the new issue of Campaign & Elections, a magazine dedicated to, you guessed it, campaigns and elections.

The whole piece, titled "Smart Spending and an epic turnaround," is worth reading for insights on how the organization decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Gabbard's behalf. Civil Beat spoke with Soltz throughout the race, but the full strategy is now out there for all to see.

Here's a couple of excerpts:

She was unknown and running against Mufi Hannemann, the former Mayor of Honolulu, who was viewed by some as the establishment candidate. Still, I couldn't shake the feeling that the conventional wisdom on this one was wrong. Gabbard represented a different kind of candidate. In the past, VoteVets has worked with candidates who served their country, and then entered politics. Tulsi was the first ever legislator in Hawaii-and the first we've ever spoken with-to leave elected office and head to war.


VoteVets launched an initial $125,000 buy (900 GRPs) on a TV ad that featured Tulsi's bio and said her name five times in 30 seconds. It featured four Hawaii veterans, including one who served with Tulsi, talking about her decision to volunteer for military service, her return to public service when she got home and her experience working to help veterans in Sen. Akaka's (D-Hawaii) office.

Read the article here.



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