VoteVets Launches New Phase of Ad Buy Against VA Privatization

WASHINGTON – The largest progressive veterans group, VoteVets, is today launching a new phase of its national ad campaign, aimed at ending Trump administration efforts to privatize the Department of Veterans affairs, through voucherization of its health care services.

“Those who want to turn veterans care into a profit-making scheme know they’re losing the argument, and are throwing desperate attempts to salvage their scheme,” said Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets. “We’re not going to let them. We’re going to let constituents of key lawmakers around the country know the stakes, so that profiteers don’t take over our veterans’ care.”

Two ads, which urge Congress to vote against Trump privatization plans, are being run.

The first ad features Coretta Gray, an Air Force veteran.

In that ad, Gray says, “I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis eight years ago. It was the VA that introduced me to using a physical therapist, a nutritionist, and an occupational therapist. All of those have helped me live my daily life. My concern with privatizing the VA is our service to veterans should be about giving them the best medical care and not how much money you can make. The VA knows what veterans need.  If Congress wants to take care of veterans, they should not privatize the VA.”

That ad can be viewed here:

The second ad features Patrick Cleveland, a Vietnam Veteran.

In the ad, Cleveland explains, “In Vietnam, I counted on my fellow soldiers to help me make it out alive. Here at home, the VA has done the same. They caught my lung cancer early. At another hospital, they would have never known that was connected to Agent Orange. But some folks in DC want to privatize my VA. The VA is better prepared to serve veterans because they know what we veterans have been through. The VA saved my life. Now it’s up to us to save the VA.”

That ad can be viewed, here:

The ads are part of a new $250,000, two-week ad run in 4 states – West Virginia, Montana, Georgia, and Nevada – which each have Senators who will be key in killing of plans to privatize the VA.  This is in addition to the $400,000 VoteVets spent on recent ads against privatization. VoteVets is also planning further ad runs that will reach other states, as well as national ads that will reach the entire country.

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