VoteVets PAC backs Kander for Senate

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – On behalf of its over 400,000 supporters, a national veterans organization, PAC, is today announcing its endorsement of Secretary of State Jason Kander for US Senate. Kander announced his candidacy, earlier today.    

“Jason’s service to our nation in uniform is only rivaled by his service to Missouri, and his commitment to making government work, against great odds,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran, and Chairman of PAC.  “His election to the Senate would immediately signal to Washington that Missouri wants government that works for them.  From fighting terrorists to fighting corrupting special interests, Jason’s commitment to service would be a breath of fresh air, in the Senate.  There is no doubt that Jason Kander will immediately take on Washington’s broken ways.” 

According to his biography, Kander is a fifth-generation Missourian, husband, father, and former Army Captain who served in Afghanistan.  His parents were both juvenile probation officers, with his dad working as a police officer at night. They taught him right from wrong and to always fight for what he believes in no matter what. The values instilled in him by his parents are why he felt a calling to military service following 9/11.     

Jason served as a military intelligence officer in Afghanistan, investigating groups and individuals suspected of corruption, espionage, drug trafficking, and facilitating Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Jason’s commanders described him as an “outstanding leader” and the Afghan Intelligence Watch Commander said Jason’s “hard work directly resulted in arresting enemies and saving lives.”  

As a state legislator who represented Jackson County, Jason took on both parties to pass the first major ethics reform in almost 20 years. He also helped turn Missouri’s once weak human trafficking laws into among the country’s strongest.  

Jason won election to Secretary of State in 2012.  As Missouri’s Secretary of State, Jason cut his own budget by over $1 million, while providing more services than the office ever has before. He cut red tape and fees to help small businesses hire and thrive, protected our right to vote, and got tens of millions of dollars for Missouri taxpayers when he took on the Wall Street firms that helped cause the 2008 financial crisis. And he’s led the fight to clean up Missouri’s worst-in-the-nation campaign finance and ethics laws.  

Founded in 2006, the mission of Political Action Committee is to elect Veterans to public office, with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America’s 21st century troops and veterans. Though PAC is non-partisan, candidates it backs must support’s core mission and beliefs.  Since its inception, in 2006, VoteVets PAC has raised about $250,000 for its endorsed candidates.





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