VoteVets reacts to report that Trump Campaign Chair helped organize protest of U.S. Marines in Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC - The largest progressive group of veterans in America,, is responding angrily to news reports that Donald Trump's campaign chair, Paul Manafort, may have had a hand in organizing pro-Russian protests against US Marines, in Ukraine, in 2006. 

A report from Fusion, based on leaked cables and reports from the Times of London, found that Ukranian prosecutors believed Manafort was involved in violent protests against Marines, which led to the Marines leaving Ukraine in the dead of night.  That report can be found here: 

In response, Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of said: 

“Paul Manafort must come clean, immediately.  If he was involved in aiding foreign protests against US Marines, putting their safety in danger, he is a traitor, and should leave the Trump campaign, or be fired.   

If true, this report would either mean Donald Trump did not show any seriousness in vetting his campaign chair, or that he knew about this and simply did not care.  

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has done nothing but disrespect veterans, veterans groups, POWs, and Gold Star families.  If his campaign manager was involved in inciting foreign protests against our own Marines, it sadly would not surprise us at all.  It would just be a part of a disturbing pattern of Donald Trump showing contempt for the men and women who serve.”



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