VoteVets Responds to Trump Admission That He Hasn't Bothered To Contact Families of the Fallen

WASHINGTON, DC - In a stunning admission, Donald Trump today admitted he hadn't yet contacted the families of American troops who were killed in Niger, nearly two weeks ago. After falsely claiming that President Obama never called family members, Trump struggled to explain why he hadn't contacted the families, and then claimed a letter to them was going out "today or tomorrow," though he was unsure.


In response, Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of the veterans group, VoteVets, released the following statement:


“Donald Trump uses troops when he thinks he can benefit – like during his fake outrage over the NFL protests. But when four troops died in Niger, he went golfing, tweeted about the NFL, tweeted about ESPN, tweeted about Hillary Clinton, tweeted about Senator Corker’s height, and played some more golf.  


At any point, did he try calling the families of the fallen, or even write them a letter?  To his own admission, today, no.  At no point during his childish tantrums and golf outings, did he take a pause to do his duty as Commander in Chief.


It’s highly questionable that he even wrote a letter to the families of the fallen “this weekend,” at all, given his meandering and unsure response to the question over whether he contacted them. 


Troops dying in service to America is a tragedy, and the families of the fallen deserve the comforting words of the Commander in Chief. Unfortunately, given his past smears of Gold Star families, it’s clear that in Donald Trump’s mind, some fallen service members are worth more than others.”


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