VoteVets Slams Trump Budget

WASHINGTON, DC - Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, released the following statement on Donald Trump's budget, released this morning.


"As those who served this nation in uniform, we cannot be more clear - we will not accept increases to the VA Budget and DOD Budget, on the backs of the poor, seniors, and the security and safety of the American people. We will not allow Donald Trump to pit veterans and the military against everyone else.

We can pay for an increase in force structure, and more resources at the VA, while keeping important programs intact for seniors, working Americans and those Americans facing hard times. We can also fund programs that build alliances overseas, and prevent the climate disaster that General Mattis has deemed a top national security threat.

We can do that if Donald Trump would give up his ridiculous, overpriced wall, that American taxpayers will now be paying for, and if he asked the wealthiest of the wealthy, and corporations - his buddies - to pay their fair share. But that's not what Donald Trump's budget does.

Instead it tells Americans he believes an F-35 is more important than providing Meals on Wheels to an elderly woman starving to death in Georgia. He's saying America must pick between new equipment at the VA or heating assistance for a family on hard times in states like Indiana who may freeze to death. His budget says we must pick between a naval fleet, or a safe, responsible, and accountable air traffic control system, to ensure safe air travel for millions.

These are choices we do not need to make. Donald Trump and the Republicans should be ashamed that they are forcing such an un-American budget down the throats of decent, hardworking Americans - many of whom are veterans, themselves.

This budget hurts us the same as it hurts everyone else, because veterans and military families do not live in a bubble.

We put our lives on the line to protect the very people this budget hurts, and we stand ready to fight for them, again, against this unnecessarily cruel budget."

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