VoteVets Statement on Trump's Unhinged Twitter Attack on Senator Blumenthal

Washington, DC - Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, released the following statement on this morning's twitter attack on Senator Richard Blumenthal, from Donald Trump:


“It is beyond troubling that just because Senator Blumenthal – a veteran – criticized him on CNN, Donald Trump wildly attacked him over his military service, when Trump evaded any kind of service, with questionable deferments.


Our first question is: Did General Kelly approve this attack on a fellow Marine?  If not, or if he failed to stop Trump from tweeting it, does General Kelly truly have control over the White House?


What is more troubling is that Donald Trump dedicated his time to that, while saying nothing about the Marines lost in the Osprey crash in Australia.  It tells you all you need to know about his priorities.


It is not lost on us that Donald Trump attacked a veteran, while pushing to kick thousands of able, honorable troops out of the military, just because of who they are, and what gender they identify as.


We also cannot ignore that Donald Trump is attacking a veteran at the same time he’s pushing to privatize veterans’ health care.


In the end, with the North Korea situation degrading quickly, Donald Trump’s lack of focus, and his continued attacks on our service members and veterans, only plays into our enemies’ hands.”


Trump's tweet can be found here:


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