VoteVets Warns Congress: Vote for Trumpcare Manager's Amendment that strips tax credits from veterans, and we will make sure your constituents know

WASHINGTON, DC - Today the House is expected to take up an amendment to the underlying Trumpcare bill that would strip insurance tax credits from potentially millions of veterans.  Where the original bill extended tax credits to veterans eligible for VA care, but not enrolled, the amendment strips tax credits from any veteran who is eligible for VA care.  The change is necessary to ram the bill through the Senate by budget reconciliation - a move that avoids any filibuster.  If the tax credits remained in, the bill would have to be heard by relevant committees, like the Committee on Veterans Affairs, potentially allowing Americans to find out what is in the bill.  A reported eight million veterans are eligible for VA care, but have not enrolled.


VoteVets Chairman, and Iraq War Veteran, Jon Soltz, issued the following warning to House members, regarding the amendment:


"We cannot be more clear. The manager's amendment is a vote to take tax credits from millions of veterans, and strip them of their ability to afford insurance.


We are warning all members right now, if you vote for this amendment, we are going to make sure every one of your constituents knows you voted to kill insurance tax credits from veterans.   We will run ads, we will knock on doors, we will send direct mail.  


We will make sure that you won't be able to go to the store, or church, or anywhere, without your constituents pointing at you and saying, 'That's the Congressperson who voted to punish veterans with Trumpcare.'"


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